Connecting 64 countries and over 4 billion people.

We are very excited about the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative being led by China. Already well underway, OBOR will create great opportunities for contractors in the region. Product and process diversification and strategic acquisitions will allow us to obtain maximum value as the initiative is executed across Asia and Europe. Our opportunity will come from the Southeast Asia region. 

One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR)

Connects 64 countries and over 4 billion people

Roadmap for how China wants to further integrate itself into the world economy and contribute to trading growth and economic development in these regions

 Development strategy and framework

- Unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in September 2013

- Framework focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries in Eurasia

New Silk Road Economic Belt will link China with Europe through Central and Western Asia

21st Century Maritime Silk Road will connect China with Southeast Asian countries, Africa and Europe

To support OBOR, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank founded by China in 2014 with the

participation of 56 other countries and is dedicated to lending for projects that are part of the initiative

- In November 2014, President Xi Jinping announced plans to create a USD$40 billion development fund (The Silk Road Fund) which will be distinguished from the banks created for the initiative

- Role of development fund is to lend money for projects (The Karot Hydropower Station in Pakistan was the first investment project of the Silk Road Fund)

OBOR will serve to help address the excess in production of products like steel, copper, cement and aluminum while reconstructing the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road to connect China, Western Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Hong Kong and Shanghai stand to benefit from OBOR due to their geographic location. Shanghai will continue to move towards a services driven economy and will play a relevant role in OBOR as one of the major airport connections to China. Hong Kong’s location connecting China to Southeast Asia and its position as an international finance, trade and shipping centre make it a pivotal point in the region. Hong Kong’s contractors are, for the most part, regional players active across Asia and our company has been serving many of them for over 50 years. 

Our OBOR strategy will continue to build on the transformation activities of the past years. We are becoming a specialist in infrastructure and will look to serve the needs of contractors across Southeast Asia while expanding our geographic reach inside China.